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How many pods would I need to fit out my office effectively?

This depends on your needs, the space at the office to afford, and the number of employees. Currently, Justbooth offers a single pod for phone calls and a pod for two people, complete with a table, intended for meetings and videoconferencing.

Where can I put the pod in my office?

We recommend placing the pod in the location where people work when at the office. The pods should be easily accessible when not occupied.

What countries is the Justbooth delivered to if purchased via e-commerce?

Purchases made via e-commerce are delivered to customers in Poland, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Safety and warranty

What certificates does Justbooth have?

ISO 9001 Quality Management System
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
Textiles: CAL 117; BS 5852-0; Oeko-Tex
Upholstery foam: BS 5852-0
Upholstered panels, tables, posts, and structural panels: PN-EN 13986 D-s2; PN-EN 13501-1 D-s1

Will I not forfeit my warranty if I assembly the JUST4ME pod on my own?

DIY assembly is permitted for JUST4ME. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse and assembly not in conformity with the enclosed instructions. If you have more questions about assembly, contact us by e-mail at

Technical specifications and assembly

How are pods wired to electricity?

The standard Justbooth pod has a power cord with a plug outside of the enclosure and a power outlet inside.

How long are the power cords? Where do they come out from?

The power cords in JUST4ME and JUST4YOU are each 2 m long. The power cord comes out of the left-hand bottom corner of the pod (looking towards its entrance). It is not possible to deploy the pod on a floorbox.

How can I move a pod between one room and another in an office?

If you need to move a JUST4ME pod, you will require a hand trolley and two people.
To move a JUST4YOU pod, it is recommended to disassemble it completely and reassemble it in its new location.

What electrical outlets are provided in the pods?

For the EU market: 230 V + 2 x USB For the U.S. market: 110 V + 2 x USB

Are the air ventilation and lights adjustable?

The air ventilation and lights in JUST4ME and JUST4YOU are automatically turned on by a motion sensor and turned off 5 minutes after the pod is left and remains unoccupied.

Can I buy a pod with a right-hand door?

The pods are available with left-hand doors only.

What packaging is a Justbooth delivered in?

JUST4ME and JUST4YOU are delivered in paperboard shipping crates which include smaller components in separate packaging. Each inner packaging is labelled for identification.

How will a Justbooth be delivered to my office? What do I need to know and prepare to receive a planned delivery?

If JUST4ME is ordered without an assembly service, a dedicated forwarder will ship the product to the delivery address. The buyer will need to handle the product from its drop-off location.
If JUST4ME is ordered with an assembly service, the product is shipped, handled, and assembled by the assembly service.
If JUST4ME and JUST4YOU are ordered with an assembly service, the products are shipped, handled, and assembled by the assembly service.

Do the pods require a professional assembly service? Can I assemble them on my own?

The JUST4ME pod is intended for DIY assembly. The product includes clear and simple installation instructions, and the pod can be assembled by 2 people in about 60 minutes. The JUST4YOU pod can only be assembled by a professional service.

What tools are required to assemble the JUST4ME pod?

A Philips screwdriver, Allen keys, or a cordless drill with Philips and Allen bits. A level will be needed too.