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The hum at the office bothers everyone

Colleagues chat and giggle, office machines whine, phones ping and ring, and doors are closed noisily throughout the day. For those who want to perform well at work, all this background noise is a problem. Sound familiar? Research reveals it takes about 23 minutes to regain focus and get back on track after a distraction. This means one distraction per hour costs you three wasted hours per working day. That’s a lot.

Our mission is acoustic comfort at work

This is why we created an affordable acoustic pod to fit any office space. Justbooth is your first step toward silence, focus, and productive work. We’ve spent the past six years building Hushoffice — a premium acoustic pod brand renowned in more than 40 countries and on every continent. We’ve applied all our know-how and best practices in creating Justbooth to help you find peace at the office.

Created by Hushoffice

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We are the creator of the Hushoffice product line - acoustic and mobile work booths, giving the employee a free space to work in silence and focus. We manufacture high-end acoustic booths for phone calls, one-on-one work, video conferencing, client meetings and teamwork.

The simplest solutions are the best. You just need a booth.

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1University of California, Irvine.